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Because Of This, New People Like Your Page

How To Get More Likes on Facebook

I can bet the first question you want answered is how you can increase the number of likes you get on your page on Facebook. I am certain you have asked yourself this question before. It’s a good question to ask.

The problem however is that there are a lot of people recommending various ways of getting more Fans and Likes, most of which are not legit. Run a search on Google, you will discover there are over 2 billion results providing you with an answer.

There is some good news. There is a simple way to increase the number of likes you get on Facebook. It’s even easier than you can imagine. Some people run ads to get more Fans and increase the Likes they get. If you want to get targeted Fans, this is the best way but it however requires a huge ad budget.

You will see little to no results if you can’t fund the Facebook ads and also run them consistently.

You can also get more social media followers by following the link: . To get more Fans and Likes on your Facebook page, I recommend you do the things listed below.

Post Contents That Inspire People To Share

People like to share contents that are great. When the friends of your Fans see a great content you posted, they too may decide to share it and they may even “Like” your page. The situation is a win-win. It is a quick way to increase the number of likes you get on your Facebook page.

The current Fans you have share your content and because of this, new people Like your page.

Another important question is how to create contents that will make people want to share. The answer to this is to use the Find Section of Post Planner to locate and share content that has proven itself to be worth sharing already.

Here are the ways you can get more shares on Facebook

1. Be Consistent
I recommend you post contents at least five times per week. This will make you be at the top of the mind of your followers. Try to make at least one post per day. I also recommend you post more if the engagement you are getting is great. Just ensure you regularly monitor everything in Facebook Insights.

2. Switch Between Pictures And Video With Text-only Updates.
It has been revealed that images are the piece of content that is shared the most on social media and Facebook is not an exception. This is the reason PinInterest and Instagram have done exceptionally well. It is easy to find awesome, captivating images. Use the Popular Section of post Planner.

3. Time It Right
The kind of business you are in determines the best time for you to post. When you use Post Planner, you can easily sort out the right times to post. You should know there nothing like a magic time to post. Try to mix it up and find out what is most suitable for your Facebook page.

4. Be Relevant
The contents you post should tell your audience you are aware of who they are. If you want to stay relevant, a good way is by using the Content Library and Status Ideas Engine in Post Planner. You can use these features to post statuses that are engaging, as well as trending content from different sources.

5. Keep It Short

A study carried out by Salesforce revealed that tweets that are less than 100 characters receive 17% more engagement than longer tweets. It is not so much different on Facebook. Shorter messages are more likely to perform better. To be safer, I would say you should keep it below 80 characters. The quicker the post is to read, the higher the chances.

6. Use Your Authentic Voice
Because people like what you do, that is why they are your friends and Fans. On Facebook, your voice should be in line with your brand. This is crucial if you want to conquer Facebook marketing. It is really bad to be totally boring and stale on Facebook. Post like a sportsman if your audience is athletes, not like a Real Estate Manager.

7. Have A Sense Of Urgency
Try to include tricks and tips. Occasionally, chip in dispel myths. Additionally, it is always great to stay on top of whatever’s happening in your niche. Share this with your fans. What you shouldn’t do is share old posts that are not relevant anymore.

8. Include ACall To Action
People are more likely to do things when you ask them to. You should ask your Followers to Check-out your post, Like, Comment or Share. Try to add ‘please’ when asking.

9. Be Creative With Apps
If you want to deepen the involvement of users with a brand or business, promotion and contest apps along with surveys, forms, etc., is a good way to start. Don’t let the apps on your Facebook page be too much though. If you want to get more followers, contests are a good way to do so as they are shared a lot on Facebook.

10. Be Educational
Many people love sharing how-to tips and guides. However, you need to ensure the material you share can be followed easy and is from a reliable source.

11. Offer Value
If people don’t see any value in your post, they won’t share the content. Before you share anything of Facebook, try to look at it from your Fans’ perspective to determine if it is of value.

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